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Senior Care Management Frequently Asked Questions
  • Senior Care Management

    At Lifetime Home Health Care, we understand the daily challenges of caring for an aging parent or loved one.
    Our Senior Care Management program is designed to bring relief to those that are left with the responsibility of caring for an aging parent or loved one.  Let us take your stress away. We have several packages of care that can work for your specific needs.

    We want to see all our seniors live in the comfort of their homes for as long as possible. Our program helps individuals stay at home by addressing any and all aspects of their daily living that may require assistance. This includes medical care, personal care needs, medication monitoring, home safety and socialization. We also coordinate and update with doctors and family members on the seniors personal needs. Additionally, our Quality Care team will keep you informed with personalized email updates. Let Lifetime bring you and your loved ones the peace of mind your family deserves.

    Our Senior Care Management Options:

    • Email Alerts of Progress and Physician Visit Schedules
    • Falls Risk Assesements & Preventative Teachings
    • Evaluation/Health Assesement
    • Weekly Skilled Nursing Visits
    • Home Health Aide Services
    • Medication Management
    • Pysician visit scheduling
    • Companion Care
    • Meal Plans

    Please contact our Senior Care Management Department for rates at (305) 322-8863 or info@lifetimehhc.com

  • What is our Senior Care Management program about?

    Our program is geared to help seniors stay at home by addressing all aspects of their lives. (medical care, personal care needs, medication monitoring, home safety and socialization). We also coordinate with doctors and family members to satisfy all of our seniors' personal needs.

    Who uses our services?

    While our services can be used by anyone, the Senior Care Program is mostly used by seniors who wish to remain at home in spite of impairment and relatives who are responsible caregivers and live at a distance.

    What is the difference between a companion or home maker and a home health aide?

    A companion or home maker will prepare meals, do light housekeeping and keep the person company. Only a certified home health aide is allowed to provide hands-on care such as bathing and dressing. A certified home health aide has completed a 76-hour training program with supervision; there are no training requirements for a home maker/companion.

    How do I decide on a schedule for home care?

    Each home care schedule is unique to the needs and desires of our clients. Because we consider ourselves an extension of your family, it is most helpful to count on us when you can't be there. Our Patient Evaluation is performed by a Registered Nurse. Think about what time of day is most difficult for you and the older adult. Having a set routine as much as possible will benefit the care giver and the client. Make sure your needs are met by the home care schedule, but be flexible.

    What can I expect from the Registered Nurse?

    The nurse is responsible for seeing the client once a case is opened. The nurse will do a health assessment and review all medications; she will also make weekly visits. The nurse is required to supervise the care the home health aide delivers.

    Is it appropriate to ask a home health aide to do house cleaning?

    A home health aide will do light housekeeping as it relates to the client. For example, if a bath is given to the client, the aide will clean the tub or clean the kitchen area after preparation of a meal.  

    Can home care expenses qualify as a medical deduction?

    Yes, providing you maintain adequate documentation and pay all of the appropriate taxes either through an agency or on your own. Home care will qualify as a medical expense; consult your accountant for more details.

    Who pays for services?

    Senior Care Management services are payed for by families who need assistance caring for an elderly loved one. Please call (305) 322-8863 or info@lifetimehhc.com for more information on pricing. We will provide the communication and care that you need when you are not available.

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